Our Vision & values

We’re focussing on what matters most to our customers, the NHS and our business

Our Purpose

We do what we do because we want to make people better

Our Mission is:

Take the hassle of our prescriptions (because our customers have enough to worry about

Our Ambition:

We want to build the best prescription experience in the UK (one so good people will walk past another pharmacy to come to us)

Our vision and values

Our Values are centered around being…


We see people first, not processes. We work as a team, collaborating in the best way possible, while respecting each other and our customers. To make our customer experience better, we are always open to new ideas and innovative ways of working.


We are expert. We’re professional, passionate, and reliable. We take everything we do seriously, whether that’s dispensing expert advice, learning new skills, or improving our knowledge – of our products and our customers.


We are human. To us, that means being warm, approachable, and caring. We help those who need it, and give honest, reliable advice. We treat people who we wish to be treated; with compassion and integrity, every time.